To place your recruitment needs in our care to    minimize your budget.

1.U.K. International is committed to fast track the process of recruitment and employment.

2.U.K. International is equipped with a competent, credible, ethical and readily available labour pool:

3.U.K. International is committed to provide an end to end service and assistance to its constituents.

4.U.K. International is committed to provide exceptional services and full assistance at a cost effective price.

5. We ensure professional cover for at least 4 years.

6. Your contract to the overseas staff recruited can be bound for the duration of the work permit in such a way that they cannot give up and leave midway through their stipulated work period.

7. Employees wages can be started from the lower grade and incremented yearly.


U.K. International Nursing Agency Ltd forms partnerships with clients based on high-level understanding of their needs and an ongoing resolve to enhance our service. All clients enjoy professional account management with a dedicated consultant.

We believe in the simple truth that we have solutions to all current recruitment problems. With 22 years of experience behind us, we have provided quality recruitment services at cost effective rates, helping trusts and companies make better choices with staffing and funding. We have built a reputation for providing a motivated and competitive temporary and permanent staff.

  • High calibre staff
  • Negotiable charge rates
  • Flexible, client-led approach
  • Stringent vetting procedure
  • Excellent service


    Obtaining and Retention of the Clients

    Obtaining and retention of clients are purely based on recommendation from one company to another and from one NHS to another. We are known for providing an extremely high calibre staff and can deliver at short notice.

    We work around the clock and seven days a week.