We have a close working alliance with our manpower source countries. We have a large number of pre-screened applicants with skill and internationally recognized qualifications available immediately for work in the healthcare sector. We assist clients in processing work permits, finding accommodation and travel arrangements.

We have over 1200 health care professionals. These include General Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Radiographers, Dieticians, Physio and Occupational Therapists, Audio and Speech Therapists, Pharmacists, Various specialties in all areas, Resident Medical Officers (RMO'S) and health care workers. We source our manpower from different parts of the world

Our unique recruitment approach appeals to our clients (both employers and workers) as we have gained hundreds of professionals and skilled workers in our database, representing different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


Our exclusive empowerment program includes a short-term systematic training and professional career counseling relevant to the candidates' employment preferences. Our proficient deployment involves a thorough recruitment process, which includes proper pre-departure orientation, endorsement and adjustment support upon arrival.

Our services to the employers and the benefits they will get from us. In Brief it is a recruitment agency that provides the following services. Recruitment of the Overseas Nurses: We provide adaptation courses to the overseas nurses and help them in the NMC registration.

Recruitment of the Local Nurses: We provide temporary jobs to the local nurses interested in the agency work.

Recruitment of the Overseas Doctors: We help them to get suitable jobs in UK.

Recruitment of the Overseas Teachers: We help them in registration and finding jobs in UK.

We also offer qualified social workers interesting assignments like children with learning and physical disabilities and in the segments of mental health, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, community care, care for the elderly, HIV etc.

You can post your details in the application CV form in Applications Page of the website.

For an idea of our activities you can search for similar services through the Internet and you will get all the information about the recruitment procedures involved in the process of recruiting overseas teachers, nurses and doctors.